Monthly Archives: June 2020

    Loose the Kraken

So, you went and let loose the Kraken, in spite of all you were told.
You say that the cause is a good one, the enemy evil and bold
And their finish will be so amusing
A source of laughter and fun
Well laugh as much as you can you fool
For you haven’t a clue what you’ve done

You think the Beast was born in that cage?
His chains are a natural thing?
That his being locked up is such a boon
That it must be how it’s always been?

Have you not noticed the tombstones
That stand up row upon row
By the thousands they cover the field
As thick as new fallen snow
Did you believe if you rake off the leaves
The stones will just naturally grow?

Those are the lives it took to put that beast in his chains
The million hearts broken
The billion tears shed
And you have loosed him again