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SLEEPING MEMORIES                                                                 

   Sleeping Memories by W.A.Adams




 When I was the king of Araby

    And you were the Queen of Cathay

   In a silvered ship with gossamer sails
      I came and stole you away

   To an unknown shore in an uncharted sea

      And there at the top of my tower

    I carried you up and laid you down

      And I showed you all of my powers

   We loved till the moon grew pale with envy

      And you had no thought but to stay

   Till the walls had crumbled to ruin

       And the wind blew the dust all away

   When I was the King of Araby

              And you,

  You were the Queen of Cathay


                                                         Waiting by W.A.Adams 

                                                  I heard the wild bird sing last night

                                                       and he called for me to follow

                                                   But I could not make the choice

                                                       tired of waiting

                                                   He flew off down the hollow.

                                                  And I knew the path he flew

                                                     over wild stream and hill

                                                 But I could not make the choice

                                                      and I am waiting still



       I was cooking up the three hundredth bowl of oatmeal for my eighty-four year old mother, when I decided to add the new product that I had discovered in the grocery store.

I took the jar out of the cabinet and scanned the label with increasing satisfaction; folic acid 20%, vitamin E 20%, magnesium 10%, thiamine 15%, phosphorus 10%, zinc 10%.

_________ Wheat Germ-toasted. Boy, she’ll be running laps around the block with this stuff, I thought.

    Dishing out a portion of oatmeal, I sprinkled  two tbsp. of the miraculous powder over the top and proudly set the bowl on the table.I stepped back in order to better see the look of struck dumb amazement and delight certain to appear on her face.

  ” Whats this?”  I whipped out the jar and set it in front of her.

   She tilted her head back to peer through the bottom of her bifocals, slowly mouthed the label ,and said;

   “Oh yes, daddy used to buy hundred pound bags of this to feed the hogs and cows.”

Where This Road Goes

Do It Right

Christmas Day

I think it’s instructive to remember that when Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea, the official announcement by Heaven that the greatest event in human history, up to that time, had occurred, was given in a dark field, outside of the cities and towns, to a handful of anonymous shepherds.

While emperors planned, and powerful men and women spun designs for conquest and acquisition; the event that would shape the destiny of all  mankind, that would change the face of the entire earth; that would establish forever the point from which time itself would be measured, had played itself out in a forgotten corner of a minor province. And no-one knew except a handful of shepherds.

I’m not certain where shepherds stood on the social scale of Judea, I suspect they were closer to the bottom than the top. But for one glorious night, in an empty field, while all the world slept, they alone knew.

Angels in the Dark

The Birds and the Bees

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