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A Little More Room

Lately, I seem to have kicked over a hornets nest with an earlier blog; “Evolution; the Work That Doesn’t”
In keeping with my belief that if you accidentaly kick a hornets nest, you should back off a few feet and chunk a rock at it, here is another earlier post to fuel the fire.


Try this simple experiment; go out to your car and open the hood. Take a pair of wire cutters. Look around at all the wires under there. Pick one and cut it. Get in the car and start it up and drive around the block. Does the car function better or worse?

You have just performed the mechanical equivalent of a genetic mutation, what I would call a vertical mutation – i.e. – the loss or gain of information.

Let’s try a horizontal mutation – i.e. – the rearrangement of information. Turn off your computer and open the case. Pick out two wires, any two will do. Unplug them and swap them out; plug the first wire into the second wires connection and the second into the firsts. Put the cover back on and boot the computer up. Does it work better or worse, does it work at all?

“Oh come…

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