Monthly Archives: September 2020

The ones you do not see

You run to the fire the screamers set
To the chaos of those who rage
You film and proclaim how awesome they are
Excuses fill every page

We are the ones who built the town
The jackals are tearing down
We are the people you do not see
But we are still around

Those who hear the tales you tell
Wouldn’t know we even exist
You idealize those who speak with fire
And reason with the fist

We wait ‘till the flames have finished
We clear the ground and rebuild
Sweep up the shattered fragments
And we have not spoken still

The burners, the cursers, the raging mob
May fill your eyes today
But we are the ones who pay the price
And we have not gone away

You’ve stared so long at the worthless
Our words will show you are blind
You only see what’s in front of your face
We see what is standing behind

Tomorrow and tomorrow
Our time to speak will come
And when you hear what we have to say
It will strike you deaf and dumb

So polish up your story
That chaos is the best we can get
We are the ones who built this world
And we have not spoken yet.

                                    by W A Adams