At the conventions for the Republican and Democratic parties, we were treated to a sight that, if I were a feminist, I would do every thing in my power to cover up and suppress any mention of in the press.
A group of about a dozen women paraded up and down in front of the convention halls, wearing, what shall I call it – an apron I suppose, made to represent a womans genitals, in vivid Technicolor. The sight was so outlandish, among the many outlandish sights available at a political convention, that I felt compelled to discover what possible goal could compel a dozen women, to all appearances adult women, to walk around looking like babbleheaded fools.
The answer was provided by our ever faithful public servants, the press, in print and on film;
“We demand that men respect women.”

Lets get this straight; a group of adult females got together, manufactured aprons about five feet long and three feet wide, painted them to represent the female genitalia, hung them around their necks to fall down their front and marched up and down the street in the expectation that men would look at them and say to themselves and each other;
” Gee, I should respect women more than I have in the past!” – or – “By golly, I’m going straight home and tell the little woman how much I respect her, I think I’ll call my mother while I’m at it”.

I don’t think I have ever seen a better example of absolute, total, all-consuming ignorance of the male thought process in my entire life.
If these women were truly trying to send a message to American men, they might just as well written it in Sumerian Cuneiform.

“Jake, what in the blue blazing bloody hell are those women wearing?”
“I think it’s supposed to be a Vulva.”
“I ain’t never seen a Volvo that looked like that!!!”

If there is a single message most men took away from this demonstration it would more likely be;
” Maybe we should re-think this ‘Universal Suffrage’ idea.”


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