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Dr. Martin Luther Kings Favorite Poem

Three Marys


What Did They Fear?

The Myth of Arthur by G.K.Chesterton

SLEEPING MEMORIES                                                                 

   Sleeping Memories by W.A.Adams




 When I was the king of Araby

    And you were the Queen of Cathay

   In a silvered ship with gossamer sails
      I came and stole you away

   To an unknown shore in an uncharted sea

      And there at the top of my tower

    I carried you up and laid you down

      And I showed you all of my powers

   We loved till the moon grew pale with envy

      And you had no thought but to stay

   Till the walls had crumbled to ruin

       And the wind blew the dust all away

   When I was the King of Araby

              And you,

  You were the Queen of Cathay