A Picture is Worth 211 Words

     Islamia is burning.

    People who have suffered under kleptocratic dictators for decades are rising up and throwing the bums out. Autocrats all across the Mid-east are packing their bags, fueling their private jets, and gathering all of their bank papers, to be ready for the tidal wave that started in Tunisia and is presently washing across Egypt.

     Monsters are being driven from power, and monsters are waiting in the wings to take their place.

         ” Oh lords , Masters, rulers in all lands
     How will it be with kingdoms and with kings
     When this dumb terror shall rise to judge the world
     After the silence of the centuries.”

  Of all the privileged ruling classes in Islamic countries, few can generate as much hatred and rage among the common people as the bloated aristocracy of Saudi Arabia.

   The debaucheries of the house of Fahd are the stuff of legends. To the poor young man in the streets of Riyadh who cannot find a job, they are the flame that boils his anger. When he dreams of throwing down that throne, he dreams of vengeance against all who helped his tormentor stay in power. As he looks to the U.S.A. , what does he see?




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