Killing Grounds

In military parlance ‘The Killing Ground’ is that area inside an ambush where the enemy is destroyed. A classic ambush is a U-shaped pocket formed by your forces; the enemy ,by ruse or terrain or direction of travel, is drawn into the open end of the U. Once inside, the opening is closed behind them, and the slaughter commences.

The element most critical to a successful ambush is surprise; the victim must be unaware that he is in any danger untill it is too late; he should be standing in the middle of the Killing Ground when the trap springs and his options vanish.

There are effective tactics for escaping from an ambush, but they require intensive training before hand and perfect discipline in execution; you can stumble into an ambush, but not out of one.

The strategy for avoiding an ambush is the constant gathering of up to the minute information – knowing where you are and what is around you; recognizing the trap before you enter it. We; the modern world, America, you and I; have failed in that task. We are presently standing dead in the middle of the Killing Ground, in fact, we are centered in several overlapping Killing Grounds. To escape would require a level of training and knowledge most of us haven’t bothered to acquire, and a discipline we do not possess.

Who has done this terrible thing to us?

We have.

Why did no one warn us?

They did, loudly and repeatedly.

Why did we not listen to their forecasts of our danger?

Because we did not want them to be true; we prefered the illusion that all things could be bent to our desires.

What actions are we taking to extricate ourselves?

None. We are moving farther into the U, jamming ourselves together so that as many people as possible will be in the trap when it snaps shut. Misery loves company and there will be enough for everyone to have double rations .


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  1. I am positive that you are talking about debt since that is what I searched for, and you are absolutely right! I am slowing clawing my way out, but man is it hard!


    • That is one of the overlapping “Killing Grounds” I want to explore in what I hope will be an enlightening series of posts, or a least something worth spending a cup of coffee reading. Sometimes all you can do is keep shoveling and have faith that there is an end to the pile somewhere.


      • Amen, that post was truly fascinating and enlightening, I am following you good sir if you will keep stuff like that coming, I hope I can contribute and add meaningful comments.


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