Changing the World

If you were brought up in the Baptist Church, you were probably taught that one of the most important duties of a Christian was to Witness to your fellow-man; to share the ‘Hope that is in your heart’. There are basically two ways to accomplish this sacred duty. One way is highly effective, very difficult, and not very popular. The second way is childishly easy, extremely ineffective, and very popular, at least among those who use it.

The first, and most effective method of being a witness for the faith is to live a life dedicated to Christ. One of the definitions of Christian is; ‘ A Christ like person’. You can point to such a person and say;
” If you want to know what Jesus was like, just spend some time with that man or woman. Go sit or walk with them, have lunch with them, listen to them, observe the way they live. That is what Christ was like.”
Such people stand out among their fellow-men because they become the embodiment of what they believe, they ‘practice what they preach’. The fruit of such a life cannot be hidden, it is self-evident to anyone who sees it. It is a witness without words. It cannot be counterfeited.

The second method is simple, you don’t even have to be a Christian. Just get yourself a Bible, memorize a few verses then pick a victim, back them into a corner,  wave the book in their face, shout the verses and press home the attack untill your target gives up. You can carry one of those little clickers that registers a number when you push the button; click one more for the faith.

The first method is for those who want to change the world. The second is for those who want to look like they are changing the world.

You make the world a better place by being a better person and inspiring others to follow your example. This kind of change is infectious and it lasts. The strong-arm method lasts as long as the pressure is applied; release the pressure and it vanishes like an early morning fog.

You hear the phrase – “I’d give anything if I could – be like that – or do that – or have that”, from people all the time. They’re refering to  some talent or ability  or life style that has won their admiration. It’s an odd thing to say, because most people know that what you have to give to achieve those things you admire is time and effort and commitment. There is no hidden secret of success, no mysterious process that only the select know; it is right out there in the open, for anyone to see.

You want to change the world for the better? Then start where there is no question of your right to change something; change yourself, be a better person.

If you can’t make a better man of yourself, what on earth makes you think you can do it to someone else?

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