Don’t You Worry at All

Business everywhere is slowing down to a crawl, like a big rig truck that has run out of gas and is coasting down the road on momentum alone. Eventually it will come to a dead stop.

But you shouldn’t worry at all.
Your Congressman won’t suffer the least little bit. His salary will be deposited in his bank right on time, come fair weather or foul, sickness or health, on the job, sick at home, out fishing or laying dead drunk in his driveway. His check won’t stop.
The price of gasoline and heating oil is probably going to rise because the good folks at the EPA really do loathe, detest and despise the icky stuff, petroleum, and are doing everything in their power, and a lot of things that aren’t, to starve the vile, evil, greedy bloodsucking BIG OIL, out of business. Then we can all drift through a dreamy world of peace and harmony powered by butterfly wings and Pixie dust. Of course this will slow whats left of the economy down, kill off ten million jobs or so, but don’t you worry at all; The virtuous folks at the EPA won’t lose any of their benefits, they will keep coming like clockwork. After all, you can’t expect them to do THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN HUMAN HISTORY, if they have to worry about their security, now can you?

Our military forces are about to be hit with some of the biggest cuts since Hirohito raised the white flag, but don’t let your heart be troubled; your Senator will still have a lifetime pension that would put the Rockefeller’s to shame, in spite of the fact that he hasn’t done what he’s paid to do – manage the financial affairs of our government so that the national books balance. In spite of the fact that you have no money to pay your taxes, our elected servants have arranged the governments affairs so that the really critical things; their salaries and pensions; are protected more surely than the gold in Ft. Knox [ presuming there is any gold left in Ft. Knox]

So when you’re standing in that mile long line to apply for one job sweeping out the union hall, just remember;
Every one who is paid from the treasury, whose pension must be , by law, funded if it breaks the town or county or state;
Who cannot be fired without a dozen lawyers working for ten years at it;
Who is hired according to his political know who;
All of those folks are doing just fine.

That certainly is a load off my mind.

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