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Three men at the Tomb

                Three men at the Tomb                             

                                 by W A Adams

Three men at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
My Father, My brother and me
At the post, day or night
For all eternity

 Building the Tomb was my father
Who taught us to face the storm
And turn it aside if we could
If not, To keep others from harm

 In the Tomb is my brother
Who went to take my place
I hear his heart beating still
Though I cannot see his face

 In front of the Tomb is a pathway
I walk every day and each night
Behind,  thousands who came before
Ahead, those not yet in my sight.

 I do not stop for the rain
It is only my father’s tears
I do not stop for the snow
It is only the long empty years

 That my brother might have lived and sang
Of the joy that was in his soul
But he is in his tomb, and I’m on this path
That the world may see and know

 That he  never will be forgotten
Through the rain, the snow, or the years
So long as brother loves brother
So long as fathers have tears.