Atheism: The Belief That Isn’t

I do not believe in atheists. I have never met one. A lot of people have passed my way who said they were atheists, but a little time invested in listening to them has always revealed that they are mad at God. Not mad at the concept of God, or the belief in God, but mad at God. If given an attentive ear they will invariably proceed to voice a long list of the things that God has done to offend them; He has made the wrong people rich, the wrong people poor; He passes out talent without regard to merit, burdens are laid upon undeserving shoulders, and He apparently just scatters good fortune into the winds without any concern as to who it might fall on. I have listened to one would be atheist after another discourse at great length upon the sins of God.

Now it seems to me that it is not possible to be mad at someone you don’t believe exists. Have you ever met anyone [over the age of ten] who was mad at Santa Claus? When was the last time someone bent your ear for an hour raging against Peter Pan, or the Big Bad Wolf, or leprechauns? But, just give the would – be atheist the smallest opening and they will rant for hours about the multitude of grievances they hold against God; He did not answer their prayer, the thing they had striven for with all their heart and soul was just tossed in another’s lap for free, the dog died, the mother – in – law didn’t. Unless you simply walk away the diatribe will go on for hours. But if you have the patience to listen long enough , you will almost always discern a common theme; God has offended them personally, and usually the greatest offence is that He is God, and they are not. There  is no cure for this offence, you will either accept it or spend your life butting your head against it. God will not share His throne. You must kneel at His foot, and for some people that is the unpardonable sin.

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  1. Greetings! Also an atheist, not mad at something I don’t believe in. Perfectly happy & satisfied with my awesome life and incredible spouse of 30 years 🙂 Nice to meet you as well!


  2. Hi, I’m not an atheist.
    Thanks for your post.


  3. Hi. I’m an atheist. Totally not mad.

    Nice to meet you.


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