Turn it off. Don’t turn it down or over or around.TURN -IT- OFF.

There is too much of it. Too much music, talk, opinion-expert or amateur. Too much gunfire. Loud mufflers blaring, people yelling into cell-phones, whining motorbikes, air brakes on buses, iron wheels on iron rails. Air horns on trucks, blaring horns on trains, whistles on boats, clanging bells at RR crossings. The dings on elevators, the music in malls. The obligatory T.V. screens EVERYWHERE.

We need to pick a day and an hour, advertize it in advance, and at that blessed hour, turn everything off.

If it is electrically powered, by plug or battery, turn it off for one hour. If it is powered by anything other than your heartbeat, turn it off. One measly hour. Just to see what happens. I suspect that half the people will spend the time staring are their I-Phone, I-Pad, [ fill in the blank], and wondering what they are supposed to do.

And for one blessed hour, there will exist something that hasn’t existed for over a hundred years. Silence.

Silence: noun – the absence of sound

   Then, when we have fully absorbed the wonder of it all, there will be a greater readiness on the part of people to accept my next brilliant idea;

                                                            NATIONAL SHUT-UP DAY

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