Time Turns Over

by; W A Adams

1st verse

Oh the rich keep on diggin’ to find more money

The poor keep on spending to keep themselves poor

And the folks who are happy keep laughing and chuckling

And the people who worry keep walking the floor


And the rivers run dry and the lakes all get empty

And the rain fills them up once again

And time it turns over and over and over

And it all comes out square in the end

2nd verse:

Now the woman who can’t find a man that can please her

Sooner or later can find none at all

And the men who use women like little toy playthings

Eventually find themselves out in the hall




Oh you may think the world is full of surprises

But nothing grows that hasn’t been sown

And if you don’t like the things that you’ve been a’ gathering

Then sow a few seeds of your own

3rd verse


Now one man will dig till he gets what he’s after

Another gives up after only one try

And he thinks he has lost but he’s really broke even

Cause you usually get what your willing to buy


[ last line]

And you get what your due in the end

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