A modest Proposal

They would destroy the world entire, for the sake of their silly little experiment
Edmund Burke

In this election year the President is under increasing pressure to explain why he is throttling the life out of the economy. By systematically squeezing off the domestic production of our energy resources he has denied the nation a sure source of good paying blue and white-collar jobs, guaranteed the steady increase in the cost of the one commodity that affects every area of our lives, denied the sorely strained Treasury a dependable source of revenue, and insured that the Middle – Eastern – Madhouse will find it that much easier to place their boot – or sandal across our national throat at their leisure.

On the rare occasions the press is allowed to question him on this and other failings of his administration, the president will invariably respond with;
” Look at that guy over there! He’s got more money than you do!!!! Is that fair???”

I don’t recall an election year, or any other year for that matter, when the eternal droning against the rich did not make up the primary argument of Americas Peculiar Institution, The Democratic Party . I have suffered all of my life the whining, unceasing, screech of this party’s raging hatred of anyone who has more than they deem proper. It is the boulder in the middle of the road; that cannot be driven around or over; it blocks all progress.

So, in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, for the good of the country, with a heart full of Christian charity for my countrymen of the other party, I would like to propose a solution; Let’s kill the bastards, the rich that is.

If the rich are the root, source, and spring of all things bad and evil in this world as the Democratic party has claimed for as long as I can remember, then let us – “suffer them not to live”.

We’ll  compose and pass a law making it a Capital offence to be rich. We start by taking the families of the rich, stripping them naked, and turning them out in the snow; [ the rich in the southern states will have to be trucked far enough to the north to be turned into the snow; which will create JOBS!!!!! ] the person responsible for actually creating the riches will be whipped through the streets untill he can no longer stand upright, then strung up with piano wire to the nearest lamppost and his foul, stinking, evil corpse left there to rot as a warning to anyone else who might harbor visions of creating wealth.

By confiscating all of the wealth held by the rich we can almost cover this years deficit, not the budget, the deficit. Then next year, as the Congress meets to try to find a source of revenue to cover the next budget, we’ll all be treated to the hilarious sight of Senators and Congressmen standing around asking each other; ” What do we do now?”

Maybe go after Canada’s rich.

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