Falling Gracefully

Many there are that can fall, but few can arrive at the felicity of falling gracefully.   Alexander Pope

‘He’s going to the dirt’  – – expression used by tower hands when someone falls from a 1,000 ft. radio tower

When you first begin to fall, from a tree, a ladder, a cliff, for the first few fractions of a second you try to stop the fall; snatching at anything, a branch, another rung, a projecting rock.
When your mind, running at top speed, calculates that the fall won’t be stopped, it then shifts to turning the fall into a jump; if you can land right, you might not be hurt so bad.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn’t.

We are falling, you, me, your sons ,daughters, nieces and nephews, grandma and grandpa.
The World entire is falling from a DEBT so monstrously high, calling it a mountain is a gross understatement.
The moment when the fall can be stopped is far behind us.
The fraction of time in which the fall can be turned to a jump is running out and will most likely pass with no change in trajectory.

We are ‘going to the dirt’.

So, whats down there? Where will we land and what will happen when we come to a stop?

When an individual takes on a debt, he is trading his tomorrow for a larger today. When it is done wisely, the debt buys a business, an opportunity to make a larger tomorrow so that when the debt is due it can be paid.

Done foolishly, the debt buys a richer today, wine ,women ,and song. Tomorrow comes and brings cheese and crackers untill the debt is paid.

I can’t see any farther into the future than the next man, but I strongly suspect there’s a lot of cheese and crackers in our future, mostly crackers.

There is a solution to this mess, a way out. It requires a vision not yet seen in our political leaders, and a determination not visible in our citizenry. It is a ‘Hard row to hoe.’ as my grandfather would have said.

The basic problem is this;

The Government is outgrowing the economy; it is consuming the private sector at an ever-increasing pace.

The solution is;

Cut back the Government in size and scope; Think on the lines of a thirty% reduction to begin with;

1. 1/3 of all Departments;  Labor, Energy, Education and  the Health and Human Service’s close them and lay off all personnel. Consolidate depts. ; i.e. – Fold the EPA into the Dept of the Interior.

2. Cut the salary of all elected officials by 30%

3.Lay off 30% of all federal employees

4. Cut the pay of all federal employees in 5% increments; The highest paid group sees a 30% reduction in pay, the next group a 25% cut and so on untill the lowest paid employees receive a 5% pay reduction.

5. Reduce Military expenditures by 30% across the board.

6. End all pension and insurance plans paid by the treasury, fold them into Social Security

7. Privatize Social Security and Medicare

All of this may sound desperate.
It is.

This Country of ours is falling. It is ‘Going to the dirt.’

There isn’t another country we can escape to.
There is no magic button we can push and make all this go away.
No one is going to bail us out.

This crisis of debt WILL be resolved, by design or by default.

“Pay your debt, pay all of your debt, pay it first, because in the end you will pay your debt” – R.W. Emerson

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