Why do the innocent suffer?

Why do the innocent suffer? Why does evil go unpunished?

Far better men than me have chewed on these questions for eons.  I have read and listened to a few of them and most have answers or solutions that don’t really satisfy, they don’t close the circle. The answers I have been taught and have come to believe are ultimately true, comfort me.

All of us, every man and woman ever born, will someday stand before God, alone and naked, and answer for what we have done, or not done.

Whatever injustice you have suffered, all the pain you have endured, God WILL make right; He will wipe away the sorrow and balance the books.

A man responsible for great wrong has only one life to forfeit, we can exact no more vengeance than that. More often than not the guilty are beyond our reach.

God is able to balance the books.

I believe if you could go into Hell and see Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Adam Lanza there, you would weep for them.

The trouble with our understanding of things unseen is our fairytale image of them. God made dandelions, cherry blossoms and puppy dogs, but He also made Tyrannosaurus Rex, tigers and giant squid. Each has its function.

At any rate, it comforts me.

It  “keeps away the things that come and peer in the night.”

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